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The Benefits of Running a Mixed CAD Workshop: Integrating BricsCAD® for Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness


At KTF Software, we understand that while companies operate with a diverse range of CAD tools, they often find themselves burdened by substantial software costs, particularly when they believe there’s no alternative for less specialised users. Many of our clients rely on specialised Autodesk® tools like Revit® and Civil 3D® alongside more generalised tools like AutoCAD LT® and full AutoCAD®. However, an ever-increasing number are realising that a blend of Autodesk® and BricsCAD® products can provide an uninterrupted and cost-effective solution.

For companies utilising a mix of CAD software, there’s a straightforward opportunity to simplify your workflow and reduce costs. Recognising that more general CAD work can be efficiently handled by BricsCAD Lite® and BricsCAD Pro®, the transition is not only easy but also highly beneficial for your team and your bottom line.

This post aims to guide you through the process of integrating BricsCAD® into your workflow, a strategic move that promises efficiency and significant cost savings.

The Opportunity

Switching from AutoCAD LT® and full AutoCAD® to BricsCAD Lite® and BricsCAD Pro® can lead to significant cost savings and improved efficiency without disrupting productivity. BricsCAD® offers full DWG compatibility, ensuring no loss of work or data integrity on projects.

Why BricsCAD® is the Smart Choice

The truth is, for less specialised CAD operations, BricsCAD Lite® and BricsCAD Pro® offer a perfect solution for general CAD users. They provide the necessary functionality, compatibility with existing files and workflows, and a familiar interface – all at a fraction of the cost of other software options.

Easy Installation: Setting up BricsCAD® is a breeze. It’s packaged in a small, quick installer and it’s as simple as installing any standard software.

Familiar Environment: BricsCAD® offers a user interface and commands that are very similar to AutoCAD®. This familiarity means that your team can transition with minimal training and no loss in productivity.

Seamless Integration: BricsCAD® works perfectly with existing DWG files. There’s no need to convert files or worry about compatibility issues.

Cost-Effective: BricsCAD® provides all the necessary functionalities at a fraction of the cost. For example, swapping out 50 full AutoCAD® Single User licenses for BricsCAD Pro® could save you more than £157,000 over a three-year period!

Flexible: BricsCAD® offers Perpetual, Subscription and Network licensing options. Your software, your choice.

Enhanced Productivity: With advanced features tailored for general CAD work, along with unique features, your team can work more efficiently.

The Solution

For General CAD Users: Switch to BricsCAD Lite® and BricsCAD Pro® for a simple, cost-effective solution.

For Specialised CAD Users: Continue using specialised Autodesk® tools for tasks that specifically require them. This approach ensures that users who need advanced capabilities for projects are not affected.


A Balanced, Efficient CAD Strategy

By switching your general CAD users to BricsCAD Lite® and BricsCAD Pro®, you address the core problem of high costs in your CAD operations. This move reduces expenses and maintains high productivity and efficiency. It’s a straightforward, smart solution that provides exactly what your team needs, without the unnecessary extra costs. Keep your specialised tools for those specific tasks and users and embrace BricsCAD® for everything else – a perfect balance for your CAD needs.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help integrate BricsCAD® into your organisation along with demos, tutorials and training, please get in touch and between us, we can explore how you can get more done for less overall cost.