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A New Opportunity for CAD Plug-in Developers: Why Porting to BricsCAD is a Game-Changer


In the dynamic world of CAD software, there’s a growing trend among professionals seeking powerful, yet cost-effective tools. As the Managing Director of KTF Software, I’ve interacted with many talented developers who are constantly looking for ways to innovate and expand their reach. A common thread in these discussions is the concern over rising costs of CAD platforms. One such avenue is porting their existing plug-ins to BricsCAD.

The Opportunity

Why BricsCAD, you ask? The answer lies in its potent combination of familiarity, economic efficiency, and a rapidly growing user base. By expanding your plug-ins to BricsCAD, you’re not just opening up a new revenue stream; you’re also providing a cost-effective solution to a growing market of CAD professionals looking for alternatives.


BricsCAD stands out for its excellent compatibility with various CAD formats and functionalities, ensuring a smooth transition for both developers and users. This eases the porting process and minimises the learning curve for users, making it an ideal platform for innovation.


Understanding the challenges involved in transitioning to a new platform, Bricsys are dedicated to providing extensive support to developers. This includes comprehensive documentation, engaging tutorials, and direct technical assistance, making the porting process as seamless as possible.

In many cases porting your existing application is as simple as compiling the source code with BricsCAD libraries, and with LISP, there are typically no or minimal changes required.


The Bricsys community already boasts 100s of plug-ins from developers who have successfully ported their software to BricsCAD, experiencing benefits such as enhanced sales and positive user feedback.

Our own journey with BricsCAD began as a response to the evolving needs of the CAD community. We recognised that users were looking for a platform that combines power, flexibility, and affordability. BricsCAD stood out as a robust solution. Making the transition wasn’t just about following a trend; it was about leading the way in a shifting market.

Porting our plug-ins to BricsCAD opened up a wealth of opportunities. It’s a platform that resonates with a wide audience due to its user-friendly nature, extensive compatibility with various CAD formats, and, importantly, its cost-effectiveness. This move has not only expanded our market reach but has also aligned us with a forward-thinking, growing user base.

And the best part, we only needed to change around 1% of the source code to port to BricsCAD.


To further support the developer community, Bricsys have an app store to feature your ported plug-ins on BricsCAD, instantly connecting you with a wider audience.


Bricsys offer a free 30-day trial which can align with the trial of your own software, and we at KTF Software can provide your customers with BricsCAD demos and training, along with expert technical support and guide them through the transition process to make it as smooth as possible.


The shift towards more accessible and cost-effective CAD solutions is accelerating, and BricsCAD is leading this change. Porting your plug-ins to BricsCAD not only aligns you with this trend but also positions you as a forward-thinking player in the industry.


We invite you to delve deeper into this opportunity. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together towards a mutually beneficial future.