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BricsCAD® Essentials – Kickstart Your 2D Design Journey

BricsCAD Essentials 2D


Our course designed for users seeking foundational skills in 2D CAD design using BricsCAD® Lite or Pro. It covers the core functionalities of BricsCAD®, focusing on basic 2D drafting techniques.

The course guides learners through creating, editing, and managing 2D drawings, ensuring a strong grasp of essential tools and workflows.

Participants will also learn best practices for efficient 2D drafting, preparing them for professional design tasks in various industries. This course is ideal for beginners or those transitioning to BricsCAD® from other CAD software.


Three days



Maximum Number of Partcipants



Beginner – Ideal for people new to CAD

Course Outline

Introduction to Basic Microsoft® Software: Familiarise with essential shortcuts integral for efficient CAD usage.

BricsCAD®  Overview: Dive into starting the software, navigating the start screen, understanding the user interface, and configuring basic settings.

Basic Commands Mastery: Comprehensive tutorials on commands like Line, Circle, Delete, Copy, Paste, Move, Trim, Fillet, Rectangle, Array, Offset, Explode, Rotate, Snap Overrides, Hatch, Text, Mirror, Scale, Polyline, Arc, Ellipse, and Stretch.

Drawing Features and Techniques: Learn about linetypes, layers, properties, dimensions/annotations, model and layout space, drawing to scale, UCS and WCS, and creating drawing templates.

Setting Up & Printing Drawings: Expert guidance on preparing and printing your designs.

Continued Practice: Practical exercises to reinforce skills.

Key Benefits

Gain practical skills in BricsCAD® for 2D draughting.
Understand drawing commands and features.
Develop proficiency in drawing setup and printing.
Each module is complemented with hands-on exercises for real-world application.


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