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BricsCAD Techniques, Tips and Resources

Whether you’re new to CAD, making the transition from other CAD software or want to improve your skills and knowledge, we’ve compiled a series of techniques, tips and resources that our friends at Bricsys have made to help you on your way.

If you can’t find the solution that you’re looking for, there’s lots more info on the Bricsys Help Page, you can enrol in BricsCAD Essentials or contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

BricsCAD® Pro V24.2 – Performance Improvements

BricsCAD® Pro/Lite V24: Breakout Sessions

A faster CAD product means less time spent waiting and more time bringing your designs to life. See how BricsCAD® V24.2 significantly reduces your time to deliverables with improved performance. This video dives into the performance enhancements in BricsCAD® V24.2 and explains why existing BricsCAD® users should upgrade now. Take control of your productivity – watch and upgrade today!

BricsCAD® Pro V24.2 – 2D Documentation Workflow Improvements

BricsCAD® Pro/Lite V24: Breakout Sessions

A click less here, a click less there… BricsCAD V24.2 saves minutes and more in the creation of accurate 2D documentation. This video explores the 2D workflow improvements in BricsCAD V24.2, designed to streamline your drafting process. See why existing BricsCAD users should upgrade today!

BricsCAD® Pro V24.2 – Drawing Compatibility

BricsCAD® Pro/ Lite V24: Breakout Sessions

BricsCAD® V24.2 is here, bringing you the best DWG compatibility yet! We’ve focused on improvements to Dynamic Blocks and MLEADERs, ensuring seamless workflow and accurate data exchange.

Migrating to BricsCAD®: Easily Port Your LISP Scripts

Bricsys Webinars

In this session, we will hear from BricsCAD customer, Design Solutions Inc., on their experience, the challenges they faced with their previous CAD software, the crucial role of their LISP scripts to the work they do, and why they chose to shift to BricsCAD after evaluating various options – bringing with them 120+ LISP routines.

How to Create TIN Surfaces from Contour Data in BricsCAD® V24

The video demonstrates the procedure to create TIN surfaces from contour data in BricsCAD® V24

This video demonstrates how you can create TIN surfaces from contour data in BricsCAD® V24. TIN surfaces are a type of surface modeling that is well-suited for representing terrain and other irregular surfaces. They are created by triangulating a set of contour lines.

IFC RVT Interoperability in BricsCAD® V24

Unleash the Power of BIM Collaboration with BricsCAD V24

Tired of struggling to collaborate with your team due to software compatibility issues? In this ground-breaking video, you’ll be walked through the effortless collaboration between BricsCAD BIM and industry-leading applications like Revit.

How to use the Manipulator in BricsCAD

The Manipulator in BricsCAD is a versatile grip tool, enabling you to swiftly MOVE, ROTATE, SCALE and MIRROR selected entities

Check out this video to discover the different methods to access and apply The Manipulator in the entity and face level.

BricsCAD® V24 | GIS Data Import

BricsCAD® BIM V24: Breakout Sessions

In this comprehensive video, we’ll embark on a journey to seamlessly integrate GIS data into your CAD environment. You’ll discover the effortless procedure to import GIS data from AutoCAD® Map or Civil 3D files, empowering you to utilize the vast wealth of GIS information within your familiar CAD workflow.

The path to Scan to BIM automation with BricsCAD® BIM V24

Delve deeper into BricsCAD BIM V24

Dimitrios Sapios, EMEA Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, to discover the latest advancements we are making in the future of automated scan to BIM workflows,

Introducing a new way to create and manage your construction details

BricsCAD® BIM V24: Breakout Sessions

Dimitrios Sapios, EMEA Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, takes you on a guided walkthrough showcasing how V24 is the first step to better creation and management of Construction Detail Documentation, decreasing errors and increasing efficiency before construction.

Work with industry specific data in BricsCAD® Pro V24

BricsCAD® Pro V24 for Civil & Make BricsCAD think like a surveyor! Join Craig Swearingen, BricsCAD Implementation Specialist, and see how our new transparent commands allow you to enter data in Civil/Survey formats, like bearing and distance or station and offset, directly into typical BricsCAD® commands

Quickest path to 3D from 2D

BricsCAD® BIM V24: Breakout Sessions

Join Rita Carone, EMEA Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, on a guided walkthrough of the new 3D Building Modeling Tools that will accelerate your workflow, going from 2D to 3D and BIM.

Working with TIN surfaces in BricsCAD® Pro V24 for civil users

BricsCAD® Pro V24 for Civil & Surveying: Breakout Sessions

Come along with Rick Ellis, Product Owner BricsCAD Civil/Survey toolkit, and explore how BricsCAD can create and edit a TIN surface from any 3D data with high performance tools and efficient workflows, that are easy to learn. This TIN surface can be used in BricsCAD, or exported to clients using any civil design software.

Better civil site grading workflows in BricsCAD® Pro V24

BricsCAD V24 Launch Breakout Session

Hear from Sean Twomey, Senior Solution Consultant BricsCAD, to dive deeper into grading tools in BricsCAD V24. Building on the powerful TIN surface in BricsCAD, the grading tools allow you to design site terrain and, ultimately, create new proposed TIN Surfaces. Explore how volumes can be balanced and calculated for cost estimates and tracking progress.

Drawing Health Management with BricsCAD® V24

BricsCAD V24 Launch Breakout Session

In BricsCAD V24, the innovative Drawing Health Management tools will keep you working quickly and accurately, automatically! See Wouter Nys, Head of Development BricsCAD AI & Mechanical, delve into the updates and innovations of BricsCAD V24, today!

BLOCKCONVERT and new parametric operations in BricsCAD® V24

BricsCAD V24 Launch Breakout Session

See how BricsCAD V24 accelerates your time to deliverable with our familiar yet innovative 2D workflows. Join Don Strimbu, Product Manager BricsCAD Core, as he walks us through how BricsCAD V24 can accelerate your time to deliverable!

BricsCAD V24 Launch Breakout Session

Do you use CAD eight hours a day? Come and learn the true benefits of a modern, easy to learn CAD system – BricsCAD V24! Join Ann Van Haeken, Manager User Experience, as we explore what BricsCAD V24 has in store for you.

BricsCAD V24 Launch Breakout Session

See how BricsCAD V24 accelerates your time to deliverable with our familiar yet innovative 2D workflows. Join Don Strimbu, Product Manager BricsCAD Core, as he walks us through how BricsCAD V24 can accelerate your time to deliverable!

Discover a simple way to convert PDF files to drawing files in BricsCAD using the Modern layout in the Interface settings.

Attach PDF (PDF underlay) 00:24
Import PDF 06:21
Discover how to:
Convert straight lines in PDF to Polylines in BricsCAD
Convert true type fonts to MTEXT
Change solid-filled areas to hatches
Upgrade layers in the PDF file to BricsCAD layers

Discover BricsCAD Parametric Blocks

Instead of Dynamic Block functions, BricsCAD focuses entirely on parameters.ParametricBlocks allow users to define a block once and reuse it multiple times and in many sizes and orientations.
In this video you’ll see:
BricsCAD achieves the same functional outcome as Dynamic Blocks but with a slightly different approach.
Once the blocks are created, they can be inserted into the drawing by using the INSERT command.
Blocks can then be stored in the components folder and reused multiple times, in many sizes and orientations.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Windows, Mac & Linux

This video shows you how to install BricsCAD, step-by-step, on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Whether you want to download the latest version or an older one, this guide covers you. BricsCAD comes in a free trial mode, and you can activate it with a license key once you’re ready.

BricsCAD V23 New features

ExpressTools are a collection of productivity tools that provide additional options and possibilities in BricsCAD V23. Explore the following commands in this video:
Arc text (ARCTEXT) 01:05
Explode text (TXTEXP) 01:58
Fast Select (FS) 02:48
Make Linetype (MKLTYPE) 03:25
Super Offset (EXOFFSET) 04:45
Quick Exit (QQUIT) 05:58

BricsCAD and KeyTERRA-FIRMA for importing survey data

Enhance your CAD deliverables effortlessly with the powerful duo of BricsCAD Pro and KeyTERRA-FIRMA. Experience the seamless import of site survey data for precise results. Supercharge your TIN and DTM workflows and unlock accelerated productivity.

Pointcloud to TIN Surface and site design

Join Sean Twomey in this captivating breakout session from the Bricsys Digital Conference as he delves into a comprehensive exploration of the latest enhancements and advancements in BricsCAD Pro for Civil and Survey professionals. Discover the power of the Point-Cloud Filtering command, unleash your creativity with more flexible and precise CAD modeling, and explore exciting new data formats.

How to Set License Level in BricsCAD


In this video, we’ll show you how to use the ‘SETLICENSELEVEL’ command during your BricsCAD Ultimate trial period. This will help you explore all the features and functionalities within the Lite, Pro, BIM, and Mechanical versions of the software and help you to make an informed purchase decision

How to Overlay an Aerial Map onto a Site Plan using Coordinates in BricsCAD

Aerial Image Overlay

Welcome to our step-by-step tutorial on using BricsCAD to overlay an aerial map onto your site plan with precise coordinates! Dive into the world of spatial accuracy and enhance your projects with real-world context. 🌏✏️

Exploring the User Interface

Drafting Workspace

Introduction to the BricsCAD user interface. Learn how to navigate the workspace, including how to create new drawings, the ribbon, clean screen, dark and light mode, floating panels and more.

Improved Tool Palettes Panel

BricsCAD V23 Features

The revamped tool palettes panel in BricsCAD V23 offers a central location to access blocks, hatches, and command tools. The palette is fully customizable, you can add your own frequently used tools.

Dynamic Block Converter

BricsCAD V23 Features

The PARAMETRICBLOCKASSIST command converts dynamic blocks to BricsCAD’S superior parametric blocks. Using this command, almost all commonly used dynamic block features can be reconstructed to parametric block features.


BricsCAD V23 Features

PARAMETRICBLOCKIFY is an AI-based productivity tool in #BricsCAD. In BricsCAD V23, this feature has been extended to recognize plain 2D geometry variations of parametric blocks, with 2D parameters, constraints, and flip lines.


BricsCAD V23 Features

The ARRANGE command in BricsCAD specially organizes sets of entities by aligning or distributing them along the axis of the current UCS.


BricsCAD V23 Features

In this video, we show you the latest updates on OPTIMIZE Command in BricsCAD.

FINDOUTLIERS part of Drawing Health

BricsCAD V23 Features

In BricsCAD V23.2, FINDOUTLIERS Command can be used to improve the health of a drawing. This video demonstrates the procedure to create a custom routine by adding FINDOUTLIERS as one of the routines in DWGHEALTH Command.

Drawing Recovery Manager

Recover Drawings After a Crash

Crashes happen, but don’t panic you can recover a drawing after a crash! In BricsCAD®, the Drawing Recovery Manager is a panel that displays a list of drawing files that can be recovered after a crash. It automatically detects files that were open at the time of the failure, including .dwg, .dwt, and .dws

How to use BLOCKIFY in BricsCAD

BricsCAD V23 Features

The BLOCKIFY command searches a drawing for identical sets of entities (2D or 3D) and replaces them with block references. It also matches these to any existing block definitions already in the drawing. The advantage of CAD blocks over copied geometry is that blocks dramatically reduce the size of a drawing and, as a result, increase performance.

10 BricsCAD Settings You Might Not Know About

BricsCAD V23 Features

This video shows 10 BricsCAD settings that we think you will be glad to know including Filtered search, DELETETOOL, UCSORTHO, ORBITAUTOTARGET, MANIPULATOR, APERTURE, HIGHLIGHTEFFECT, USENEWRIBBON, CMDLNTEXT, Review Your Custom Settings.

Scan to TIN

BricsCAD for Surveying

How to import large point clouds into BricsCAD and filter unnecessary points to create a workable TIN Surface. Accelerate your TIN and DTM workflows with BricsCAD.

BricsCAD Pro V23 Civil

New Features

Bricsys has added a few additional features in Civil that you can enjoy in BricsCAD Pro V23. If you already have BricsCAD Pro V23, make sure you have the latest release V23.2 to enjoy these new features.

Capture and document your designs in 2D

BricsCAD for Engineering

Take your new designs from concept to 2D drawings faster or open DWG files from stakeholders seamlessly to add more detail. Enjoy higher productivity and a wide range of partner applications for specific industries.

MEP Engineering

BricsCAD for Engineering

BricsCAD BIM supports modeling mechanical services with intuitive modeling tools. Together with the AX3000 extension, it is a comprehensive software suite for building services engineering, energy systems engineering, and virtual reality solutions.

Customizing Rollover Tips in BricsCAD

BricsCAD V23 Features

This video demonstrates the procedure to customize rollover/hover tips in BricsCAD.

Printing 2D drawings and 3D Models in BricsCAD

BricsCAD V23 Features

Printing 2D drawings and 3D Models in BricsCAD – This video demonstrates the step by step procedure to print a 2D drawing and 3D model from Model Space and Paper Space Layouts in BricsCAD.


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