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Bricsys 24/7®

Bricsys 24/7®

Bricsys 24/7® is a cloud-based (SaaS) Common Data Environment (CDE) for project and document management and workflow automation.

With role-based security and unlimited users, you can ensure that the right document is in the right hands at the right time.

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Why Choose Bricsys 24/7®?

Unlock Seamless Collaboration with Bricsys 24/7

Elevate your project management and collaboration experience with Bricsys 24/7. As the ultimate cloud-based platform, Bricsys 24/7 redefines teamwork, efficiency, and innovation with:

A Centralised Project Hub
Experience effortless project organization and access, ensuring your team stays aligned and informed in real-time.

Streamlined Document Management
Say goodbye to version control woes. Bricsys 24/7 simplifies document sharing, annotation, and approval processes.

Secure Cloud Environment
Your data is the highest priority. Bricsys 24/7 provides top-tier security, safeguarding your intellectual property at every step.

Global Accessibility
Collaborate seamlessly across distances. Bricsys 24/7 allows your team to connect and contribute from anywhere, at any time.

Effortless Document Management with Bricsys 24/7

Experience a new era of streamlined document management with Bricsys 24/7. The platform revolutionises the way your team collaborates, communicates, and coordinates projects, all within a secure and user-friendly environment with:

A Centralised Repository
Organise and access documents effortlessly. With a centralised hub, your team can retrieve essential files in seconds.

Version Control Made Simple
Say goodbye to confusion over multiple versions. Bricsys 24/7 ensures everyone works on the latest document iteration.

Collaborative Annotation
Your data is the highest priority. Bricsys 24/7 provides top-tier security, safeguarding your intellectual property at every step.

Secure Access
Your documents are safe with Bricsys 24/7 which employs robust security measures, ensuring only authorised personnel have access.

Elevate Project Management with Bricsys 24/7

Discover the ultimate solution for seamless project management with Bricsys 24/7. As a powerful cloud-based information system, Bricsys 24/7 empowers your team to efficiently collaborate, manage, and monitor projects from start to finish with:

A Unified Project Hub
Organize projects effortlessly. With a central hub, you can track progress, allocate resources, and maintain a clear overview.

Collaborative Workspaces
Foster teamwork with dedicated workspaces for each project, enabling real-time collaboration, file sharing, and discussions.

Task Tracking and Monitoring
Stay on top of tasks and milestones. Bricsys 24/7 helps you monitor progress, ensuring projects stay on schedule.

Insightful Reporting
Make informed decisions with comprehensive reporting. Visualise project data and metrics for improved project management.

Enhance Project Collaboration with Customisable Workflows in Bricsys 24/7

Elevate your project coordination and teamwork with the Bricsys 24/7 Common Data Environment (CDE), offering a unique advantage of customisable workflows. As a robust cloud-based platform, Bricsys 24/7 CDE empowers your team to collaborate seamlessly, manage data efficiently, and drive projects to success with:

Tailored Workflows
Customise processes to match your project’s specific needs, optimising efficiency and adherence to your established practices.

Streamlined Efficiency
By adapting workflows, you streamline project processes, improving resource allocation and productivity.

Seamless Collaboration
Enable fluid teamwork and discussions, irrespective of location, with adaptable workflows that suit your projects.

Empowered Decision-Making
Access accurate, current project data, and adjust workflows for well-informed, effective decisions.

Empower Collaboration with Unlimited Project Users in Bricsys 24/7

Experience unparalleled teamwork with Bricsys 24/7, offering the advantage of unlimited project users. Our cloud-based platform enables seamless collaboration, allowing your entire team to contribute and coordinate effortlessly. with:

As your projects grow, your team can expand without limitations, ensuring everyone stays connected and informed.

Enhanced Team Enable a diverse group of collaborators to contribute their expertise, fueling creative solutions.

Enjoy economical collaboration as your team grows, without the need for additional licensing.

Effortless Knowledge Sharing
Facilitate information exchange among all stakeholders, enriching project outcomes.

Projects running on Bricsys 24/7

Real world cases

Port House – Antwerp, Belgium

Renovation and construction of a new Port House

Main contractor: Interbuild

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects

Client: Port of Antwerp

Grand Hôpital de Charleroi – Charleroi, Belgium

This new hospital is an integrated, inclusive and innovative health campus on the “Viviers” site.

Main contractor: COSEP

Architect: Association VK & Réservoir A

AP Hogeschool Campus Spoor Noord – Antwerp, Belgium

Main contractor: Interbuild

Architect: Poponcini & Lootens ir. architecten bvba in consolidation with Jaspers – Eyers Architects bvba

Client: AP Hogeschool Antwerpen

Hinckley Leisure Centre – Hinckley, UK

Design, construction and operation of Hinckley’s new Leisure Centre

Main contractor: Pellikaan

Architect: Roberts Limbrick Architects

VAC Gent – Ghent, Belgium

Design and construction of a governmental building next to Gent Sint-Pieters Station

Main contractor: Interbuild / THV VAC Gent

Architect: Poponcini & Lootens ir. architecten bvba

Client: Vlaamse overheid / Vlaams administratief centrum

Vital Resort Oversum Winterberg – Winterberg, Germany

Construction of a multifunctional resort

Main contractor: Pellikaan

Architect: FormA Architekten


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