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Software maintenance is insurance

Protection and peace of mind

Like most of our customers, I’ve paid for various types of professional and personal insurance over the years and never really saw the benefit of it. That is until one day, there was a fire at my house which fortunately wasn’t too serious, but it did cause a lot of damage due to smoke. I was really impressed with the insurance company who temporarily housed our young family, cleaned up the house and replaced all our smoke damaged goods. Having insurance in place meant that a traumatic experience allowed us to resume normality as quickly as possible. The experience made me really appreciate what I had been paying for all those years.

One of the key differences between our software maintenance and insurance is that with insurance, when you don’t need to claim, you feel like the money was wasted, all you got was peace of mind. Maintenance gives you the same peace of mind and the added bonus of a major software release every year with extra functionality, more power and better speed.

If you have a software application that your business relies on, it pays to have somewhere to turn to in the event of a problem

As developers and resellers, we hope that our software is perfect, that customers never experience crashes and is bug free. We also want our products to be intuitive, but things can sometimes go wrong, and it’s then that people need help and advice to get back up and running.

We speak to lots of customers who think that the issues they have experienced might be too trivial to ask for help or advice. Maybe with other software platforms, they didn’t receive personalised support. They spend downtime searching online forums, FAQs and tutorials for an answer. We want our customers to be confident that they can pick up the phone or email us and know that we’re here to support them when they need it the most.

As a software user myself, I think it’s far less stress to pay a modest maintenance fee to keep my software right up to date and know that someone has my back to help keep my business running.

Please feel free to contact us for help or advice.