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Explore Group Learning with our 3-Day BricsCAD Training Courses


At KTF Software, we recognize that our comprehensive 3-day BricsCAD training courses might be a significant investment for solo practitioners or small firms as they are for 3 people. To address this, we are introducing a new approach that allows you to share the training experience—and the cost—with others in a similar position: Group Learning Opportunities.

Why Opt for a Shared Training Session?

Cost Efficiency: By joining forces with up to two other participants, you can enjoy the benefits of our full training course at a shared cost, making it more economical for each participant.

Networking Opportunities: This is more than a chance to save money. It’s a platform to connect with professionals who can share insights, exchange ideas, and maybe even collaborate on future projects.

Enhanced Interaction: Our small group sessions are ideal for in-depth learning and allow for more personalized interaction with the instructor and peers.

How to Participate in a Group Session

Direct Coordination Through Our Team: If you’re interested in participating in a group learning session, simply contact us. We’ll collect your information and help match you with other professionals who have similar training needs and schedules.

Email Matchmaking: Send an email to training@ktfsoftware.com with your contact details, preferred dates, and a brief note about your interest in sharing a training session. We’ll add you to our list and notify you when a suitable group forms.

Get Started with Group Learning

Ready to enhance your BricsCAD skills alongside like-minded professionals? For more details on how to join a shared training session or to express your interest, please contact us. Dive into our 3-day BricsCAD training with a group that matches your enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.

For more information, see our BricsCAD Training page and reach out to us today to take your first step towards a collaborative and cost-effective learning experience.