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Could BricsCAD network licensing save you money?

BricsCAD network licensing

At KTF Software, we are finding that in lots of circumstances, not every CAD user in a company needs continuous access to the software. Although other CAD providers are taking away network licensing as an option, BricsCAD prefer to give the customer the choice of network or ‘floating’ licenses as a beneficial and cost-effective solution.

What are the benefits of a BricsCAD network license?

With a network license, BricsCAD can be installed on as many computers as required, and the number of users is only limited to the number of seats on the network. For instance, a company has 5 CAD users and 2 seats of BricsCAD. The software can be installed on 5 computers and 2 users can access BricsCAD concurrently.

Easy to manage

Network licenses are easier to administer by IT Managers. There is one single license key, and the license server keeps track of how many licenses are in use at any given time and by who. This can produce vital data in assessing how many licenses are actually needed by the company and their usage scenarios.

Roaming network licenses

With a network license, you can set a floating license to ‘roam’, which essentially means that one of the available BricsCAD seats is disconnected from the network and ‘borrowed’ for use away from the office, without needing to be connected to the server. This is ideal for users who are out on site or need to work remotely. The floating license can be ‘booked out’ for any number of specified days.  After this period, the license is checked back in automatically. If needed, the roamed seat can be returned to the license pool early or extended, giving added flexibility.

A network license without boundaries

Even though other CAD software is tied to a geographic region and a new license would need to be purchased to work in other countries, BricsCAD is a global license and can be used anywhere. This means your user can take BricsCAD abroad, or the network licenses can be shared between different regions of the company.

How much money could be saved using a BricsCAD network license?

Although a network license is more expensive than a single user one, fewer licenses are required, meaning less cost to the company, and license idle time is kept to a minimum by sharing.


Although network licenses aren’t for everyone, BricsCAD understands the need for customer choice, and where companies have non-concurrent CAD usage and large numbers of users make management an IT headache, BricsCAD network licensing is an attractive and cost-effective option.