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RSL Group’s Seamless Transition to BricsCAD

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RSL Group are innovative leaders in the surveying sector, and specialists in dimensional control offering a wide range of modern survey solutions. Their aim is to ensure all projects undertaken achieve the highest standards of safety, reliability and operational integrity, with a focus on quality, efficiency and customer service.


Prior to BricsCAD, RSL Group grappled with the common problem of soaring costs and licensing difficulties of their previous CAD software. These challenges had the potential to cause delays to ongoing projects.


Director and Survey Manager, Scott Roberts told me, “We had actually been recommended to have a look at BricsCAD and after an initial trial period we soon realised BricsCAD was perfect for our needs.  Our primary reason for choosing BricsCAD over other CAD software options was that both the cost and required functionality were a perfect match”.


The change from their previous CAD software to BricsCAD was swift and seamless. Scott said, “After the initial trial period had expired, the only thing on my mind was to purchase BricsCAD straight away. There was no transition period required between our previous CAD software and BricsCAD, as soon as BricsCAD was installed this was used immediately”.

He went on to say, “No obstacles were encountered during implementation, however if we had come across any, I am sure the team at KTF Software would have been there to help, as their service has been excellent”.


The switch to BricsCAD effectively addressed the licensing and cost issues faced by RSL Group. Significant improvements in operational efficiency and cost reduction were noted. The Group are interested in exploring additional tools like the KTF Pointcloud tool for BricsCAD to further streamline their operations.


Scott went on to tell us, “After having experienced improvements in efficiency and cost savings, we have been able to expand our service offering since implementing BricsCAD. I already have and will continue to recommend BricsCAD to others in the industry”. RSL Group not only recommends BricsCAD to industry peers but also plans to expand its usage. There are plans to solely rely on BricsCAD to eliminate the need for other software.


RSL Group’s move to BricsCAD represents a significant step towards enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings. This case study demonstrates the tangible benefits of BricsCAD, as seen in the enhanced productivity and streamlined processes at RSL Group.

Like RSL Group, you can take advantage of a powerful CAD tool with an easy learning curve and smooth transition process that can help you create detailed and accurate plans that are compatible with your customers. Don’t let outdated software and workflows slow you down. Upgrade to BricsCAD and take your work to the next level.

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    Thank you for bringing BricsCAD to my attention.

    Ben Bentley

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    Overall, an excellent design tool written by a very end-user focused company who provide excellent support and development for their product

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    It has allowed a person with no surveying or technical drawing abilities to down load survey data and manipulate it on a drawing platform.


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    I would like to express how impressed I am at the service offered by yourself and colleagues and will not have any hesitation in recommending your company


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    BricsCAD itself is a powerful CAD tool that does everything our previous package did and more besides

    SJ Geomatics

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    The software is extremely easy to navigate, although we know if needed, help is only a phone call away

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    KTF Software have supplied and supported our company with BricsCAD software over the past couple of years. BricsCAD is user friendly, and KTF Software have been very supportive and helpful

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    Azure Outdoor Living


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