Easy to use 3D modelling, design, survey and analysis

KTF 8 works within BricsCAD V19 Pro down to BricsCAD V16 Pro, AutoCAD 2020 and back to AutoCAD 2015. KTF 7 is available for some earlier platforms (final KTF 7.**60 version). This "add on" makes CAD extremely appropriate for 3D use in Civil, Infrastructure, Land Survey, Environmental and Landscape applications. KTF is being continuously developed in response to user requests and existing users with current maintenance are entitled to download the latest product versions and updated documentation.

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    • At the heart of the software is the Ground Modelling where in typical use the site and design are represented as surfaces created from 3D entities in the CAD drawing. Survey input from a wide range of Dataloggers, Total Stations and GPS equipment is the main feature in the Land Survey functions. Horizontal and Vertical Alignment Designs combine with powerful 3D String functions in the design module to make this the ideal tool for simple and complex highway related projects.

Surface creation, representation and volumes within CAD

KTF Ground Modelling calculates a series of 3D triangles to accurately represent the existing ground/site, design or other surface.

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    • Target applications

      The system is very simple to use but extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of objectives (in addition to typical Development and Road projects) including Coastal erosion studies, Hydrographic Survey, Landfill, Quarries and Airfield approach studies.

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    • Colour banding

      KTF model's Z values can present not only ground elevation but also volume cut/fill balance, beach erosion or retension wall's movement to mention few applications. Applying colour banding to such a model can produce images which explain graphically in one glance the analysed data in an easy to understand format.


      Cut and fill volumes between two surfaces or reservoir water volume including reports of separate depth band volumes and water volume/depth graph outputs.

    • Contours

      Presenting the ground model as contours and flow arrows illustrates normal land form very well. KTF offers multiple ways to label the contours and annotate the surface steepness, water flow routes and colour the model surface based on the slopes' whole circle bearings (i.e. paint north facing slopes blue, south facing red and so on).

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    • Sections

      Sections in KTF can be interpolated over ground model or directly from 3D polylines in very straightforward manner. Just click at two locations or pick your road centreline and you have your section or series of cross sections. KTF offers numerous design and analysis functions on the sections from simple dimension annoations to full, detailed cross sectional road design.

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Flexible design

The KTF Design module combines Horizontal and Vertical Alignment design with powerful 3D String Design functions. Suitable for new roads, junctions, widenings, improvements and roundabouts plus car parks & sports pitches. KTF Urban functions expanded including Tutorial and Sequence documentation with KTF 8.

    • Simple concept

      Combine the Horizontal and Vertical Alignments to output 3D Polylines representing channel lines etc., Report files, Design long sections and Design cross sections.

      Wide range of tools

      From single point-to-point gradient analyser to extensive road string design functionality KTF has a solution for most of the various demanding 3D design tasks imaginable.

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Land survey

The main benefit of the KTF Land Survey module is the direct input from a range of Survey Dataloggers, Total Stations and GPS equipment by reading the raw observation or co-ordinate files. You can have observation data to 3D structured CAD drawing in seconds.

    • Outputs

      Creating the Ground Model to represent the site as a surface. Rapidly drawing River and Road cross sections. Building facades/bridge elevations projected onto vertical face. Cross sections created following direct survey input and rapidly drawn to user specified style and vertical magnification.

      Survey Drawings

      A range of enhancement and annotation routines are included to enable the production of survey drawings with high presentation standards.

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KTF can translate and import data such as DTM/DSM level points from LIDAR or Ordnance Survey Land-Form PROFILE, MX GENIO design and survey files, Microdrainage mdx/sws/fws pipe networks, various LandXML formats and more.

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    • Custom conversions

      We welcome enquiries from anyone who has data that needs to have an intelligent and structured input to the drawing. Depending on the nature of the data we may provide a bespoke input program for a sensible fee or if a wider need is perceived to exist we could add an input to general software at no additional cost for existing KTF users.

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