Easy to use 3D modelling, design, survey and analysis

KTF 8 works within BricsCAD V17 Pro, BricsCAD V16 Pro, AutoCAD 2018 and back to AutoCAD 2015. KTF 7 is available for some earlier platforms (final KTF 7.**60 version). This "add on" makes CAD extremely appropriate for 3D use in Civil, Infrastructure, Land Survey, Environmental and Landscape applications. KTF is being continuously developed in response to user requests and existing users with current maintenance are entitled to download the latest product versions and updated documentation.

At the heart of the software is the Ground Modelling module where in typical use the site and design are represented as surfaces created from 3D entities in the CAD drawing. Survey input from a wide range of Dataloggers, Total Stations and GPS equipment is the main feature in the Land Survey module. Horizontal and Vertical Alignment Designs combine with powerful 3D String functions in the Design module to make this the ideal tool for simple and complex highway related projects.

KeyTERRA-FIRMA is used in the following application areas :

Residential and Industrial development projects
New Road Schemes and Road improvements
Highway Maintenance
Landfill, quarrying and restoration projects
Car Park Design
River Surveys
Hydrographic Survey and Flood Modelling
Coastal Erosion Studies and Protection schemes
Drainage and Water supply
Sports pitches
Visual Impact Analysis (ZTV)
Airport related projects including approach surveys
Water feature design
Land Survey work of all shapes and sizes

KeyTERRA-FIRMA is used by a diverse range of professionals. Probably the single area that nearly all users have in common is in the creation, drawing (to high presentation standards) and use of sections for vertical designs etc. It is extremely easy to rapidly generate long and cross sections from Ground Models and 3D entities in the drawing. The software is highly suitable for the creation of river and road cross sections.