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Philip Wadge Architecture Implements BricsCAD and KTF Pointcloud Tool to Streamline Workflow and Improve Efficiency


Philip Wadge Architecture is an architectural firm based in Newbury, serving clients in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, and the surrounding areas. The firm specializes in creating bespoke home transformations, extensions, and contemporary new homes using creative design solutions. The company also employs the latest 3D virtual reality technology to help clients visualize their designs using Twinmotion and create luxurious living spaces that are affordable and environmentally friendly.

The company needed to create 2D CAD plans from Pointcloud data along with 3D renders. They also wanted to import SketchUp files into their CAD software and were seeking a more streamlined workflow.
After considering various options, the company decided to implement BricsCAD and took advantage of the KTF Pointcloud tool for BricsCAD, which KTF Software offers for free to its customers.

The implementation of BricsCAD and the KTF Pointcloud tool allowed the company to streamline their workflow and improve their efficiency.

Jeff Wadge-Berrospi told us “I’ve had no crashes or any issues with the software, the workflow is much easier and accurate being able to do everything in BricsCAD”.

The company was impressed with the level of support and service they received, especially with the provision of a temporary license during the purchase process, which enabled them to continue working on their projects. Jeff contacted to say “Hi Scott, I just wanted to give my thanks for the amount of support you’ve given us. Thank you for providing us with a temporary license so we could carry on with our projects after the trial had expired. this was truly amazing customer support”.

The implementation of BricsCAD and the KTF Pointcloud tool allowed Philip Wadge Architecture to streamline their workflow, improve their efficiency, and reduce the time and storage required to complete projects. The company’s decision to use these tools is an excellent example of how upgrading to BricsCAD can help firms improve their workflows and provide better service to clients.Like Philip Wadge Architecture, with BricsCAD, you can take advantage of a powerful CAD tool that can help you create accurate and high-quality 2D and 3D designs. The KTF Pointcloud tool for BricsCAD allows you to draw from existing Pointcloud data, saving time and improving profitability. Don’t let outdated software and workflows slow you down. Upgrade to BricsCAD and take your architectural designs to the next level.


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    “I would recommend this program to any designer…Absolutely 5 stars”

    Thank you for bringing BricsCAD to my attention.

    Ben Bentley

    “Instinctive and straightforward to learn…excellent support and development”

    Overall, an excellent design tool written by a very end-user focused company who provide excellent support and development for their product

    Taylor Wimpey

    “Key TERRA-FIRMA is a very easy to use but effective tool…I highly recommend this product”

    It has allowed a person with no surveying or technical drawing abilities to down load survey data and manipulate it on a drawing platform.


    “Impressed at the service”

    I would like to express how impressed I am at the service offered by yourself and colleagues and will not have any hesitation in recommending your company


    “An excellent business decision switching to KTF and BricsCAD”

    BricsCAD itself is a powerful CAD tool that does everything our previous package did and more besides

    SJ Geomatics

    “Impressed with the level of expertise and support received from KTF”

    The software is extremely easy to navigate, although we know if needed, help is only a phone call away

    Anthony Brookes Surveys

    “KTF Software have been great helping me with the transition from AutoCAD to BricsCAD”

    The ongoing support has been brilliant, would definitely recommend

    CG Surveys

    “BricsCAD is a powerful alternative to other CAD packages”

    BricsCAD is more than powerful enough to deliver our needs in a CAD package. It is easy to use and user-friendly

    Sulmara Subsea

    “Extremely impressed by the high level of personal support we have had from KTF Software”

    KTF’s expertise in BricsCAD software can be taken for granted but what is far more important is the speed and empathy they bring to bear when things go wrong


    “BricsCAD was liked better than the old software”

    Whilst the cost saving is a great advantage, having this software has enabled us to maintain our high standard of as-built drawings

    Arthur Hudson Site Engineers

    “BricsCAD is user friendly, and KTF Software have been very supportive and helpful”

    KTF Software have supplied and supported our company with BricsCAD software over the past couple of years. BricsCAD is user friendly, and KTF Software have been very supportive and helpful

    SRL Traffics Systems

    “Your service and software is fab”

    BricsCAD is perfect for most architectural practices. Price is right and the purchase options are right.

    Veritas Architecture and Planning

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    Thanks for recommending BricsCAD, I will definitely be purchasing again through KTF

    South Downs Safety

    “Reliable, fast, and affordable with no real learning curve for an existing CAD user”

    After trialing other CAD software, BricsCAD quickly became the standout choice. Reliable, fast, and affordable with no real learning curve for an existing CAD user

    Kippax Printtech

    I just wanted to give my thanks for the amount of support you’ve given us, this was truly amazing customer support

    Philip Wadge Architecture

    “We are extremely pleased with BricsCAD, and it has surpassed all our expectations”

    “We highly recommend it to others who are looking for a CAD package that is fast, easy to learn, and affordable”

    Azure Outdoor Living


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