Make the best start and get the most out or your KTF software

Most KTF training courses are held at our client's site. The majority of new users benefit from a one day course and we also encourage existing users to have update courses. To discuss your requirements, available dates and for a quotation please phone 01978 225497.

Because KeyTERRA-FIRMA software is easy to learn and use the investment in training is very modest and assuming that the user knows Bricscad or AutoCAD reasonably well a one day course is all that is required. ZTV is a more specialist area and the second half of the training day uses client project data. Courses are designed for each user organisation but the contents of a typical training plan looks like this:

Introduction to KeyTERRA-FIRMA Ltd.

KeyTERRA-FIRMA software - what is it ?
Course objectives

Getting started

KeyTERRA-FIRMA shortcuts
Set up – working / project, system and support directories
Backing up the support directory
The template drawing
KeyTERRA-FIRMA modules
The menu structure, help system and manual
Drawing organisation (including block and 2D / 3D polylines)

Data input

Digitising routines
Working with “third party” drawings
Converting 2D survey data into 3D
Input from feature coded co-ordinate file


Section creation from drawing entities
Section drawing
Section presentation options (user defined section types)

Ground Modelling

Model Creation
Drawing entities that the model is created from
Considerations for working with large data sets
Active and passive triangles
Outputs from the model
Contour drawing
Contour elevation annotation
3D Grids (surfaces)
Interpolated Level routines
Water related applications
Long & Cross Sections from Ground Model
Working with sections
Drape command
Z value analysis and introduction to colour mapping
Slope analysis


Horizontal Alignments
Vertical Alignments
The Master String concept
3D Road Design as applied to new roads
3D Road Design tools as applied to widening, junctions and roundabouts etc.
Car park/Sports pitch design sequence
Volume calculations
The difference model and presentation of cut and fill results

Annotation and Enhancement commands

Q and A