Help and advice when you need it

KTF is supplied with year 1 Maintenance that entitles the user to technical support and the latest versions. We keep renewal costs at an affordable level and if you are an existing user and need to check that you are up to date email

Effective and prompt response to support telephone calls and emails has been an important aspect in ensuring happy users who benefit by exploiting the software productively and efficiently.

    • Telephone support

      If you need technical support you can either phone KeyTERRA-FIRMA Ltd. on 01978 225497 or send an email outlining the query to


      The most efficient way for us to assist you is by using TeamViewer software. This allows us to connect to your computer and see your screen where you can show the issue directly. This software is free to use for our customers (we have a commercial licence for it) all you need to do is download it and run it once, no installation necessary. Download TeamViewer from here.

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KeyTERRA-FIRMA Ltd., Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England 01978 225497