Emapsite are our preferred suppliers for the new OS Terrain® 5 height data. This will replace OS Land-Form Profile DTM data and is more up to date and a 5 metre grid rather than 10 metres. Order as ASCII XYZ format and note that these can be very large .xyz files but the KTF gridding method will help create ground models easily.

Bricsys in Belgium have created the great alternative to AutoCAD. The number of BricsCAD users in the UK is growing well but we are not yet at the same large numbers as Germany and Japan! Prices start at just £360.00. Download Bricscad V15 for a 30 day evaluation and purchase the licence from us.

The leading provider of web based property management and compliance software in the UK.

Transoft Solutions
With AutoTURN Pro 3D for BricsCAD designers can easily model, analyse and visualize both 2D and 3D vehicle swept path and turning simulations.

Autopath is the swept path analysis application from this leading BricsCAD developer based in Slovenia.

Ordnance Survey
Great Britain’s national mapping agency.

Building and Estates information with data population and implementation for the Micad Internet Property Register (IPR).

Cad Tutor
The best free help and tutorials for AutoCAD and associated software.